February Lunch

Join us on Thurs. Feb 18th as Physical Therapist, Kelli Crosby talks about, "Keeping Pain Out of Your Daily Life – practical self-care tips to help you prevent, manage and eliminate pain".

1. Learn How to Prevent Pain and Injury
	a. undo what you've done
	b. stretch while you live
	c. if muscles could talk
2. Learn How to Think Like a PT
	a. do's and don'ts
	b. stretches for humans living on a planet with gravity

About Kelli:

Kelli graduated in 1999 from the University of North Florida, in Jacksonville, Florida, with a degree in Physical Therapy and has been practicing in Colorado Springs, Colorado since 2000.  She completed her specialty certification in orthopedic manipulative therapy in 2006, through the North American Institute of Orthopaedic Manual Therapy.  In 2009, Kelli self-published her first book, “How to Think Like a Physical Therapist, in your everyday life.” She works as a consultant to help others learn more about how to deal and manage pain in the work place and in life.

Kellli's  book was originally written for Kelli’s patients, this book addresses many of the questions that patients regularly ask, plus all of the advice Kelli gives on a wide variety of subjects from stretching and ergonomics to sleep position and when to use ice.  It’s like having a friend in the business.  This book will teach you how to start thinking like a physical therapist so you can:  understand how to address pain and injury if it occurs and learn the things you should be doing to prevent pain.  Filled with practical tips and instructions, this book is designed with your questions in mind.  The use of digital photography helps illustrate simple concepts and accurately depicts Kelli’s most commonly prescribed stretches.  You will find concise advice written in an easy to read and easily applicable format, that will help you take control over pain.


Lunch starts at 11:30 at the Edelweiss restaurant. Order off menu. Guests welcome.


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January Luncheon

Join HNA on Thursday, Jan. 21 at 11:30am at the Edelwiess Restaurant located at 34 E. Romona Ave. Our guest speaker will be Debi Bauer. She will be talking about PILLAR Institute for Lifelong Learning. PILLAR provides high quality classes and educational travel experiences that curious adults can pursue. "Learning for the FUN of it!"

Debi has held technical and management while working for Electronic Data Systems and then became a consultant to assist performance in individuals and leadership teams in the area of communication, decision making, managing change and results orientation. She volunteers for numerous non-profits, including PILLAR, where she serves at the current President of the Board.

Network with like minded holistic business owners and like-minded folks.  Bring business cards. Guests welcome. There is no set price, order off the menu. RSVP 719-277-6645 or info@hnacolorado.com.
Make sure you "like" the HNA FB page & check it out for updates.

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December Holiday Party

Join the Holistic Networker's Association for our annual Holiday dinner. It will be held at the Edelweiss Restaurant, located at 34 E. Romona Ave. Dinner will be from 5:30 til 7pm. Bring a gift for a gift exchange (no more than $10). Food, fun and chance to renew your membership for just $35. Friends, guests and spouses welcome. Please RSVP by Dec. 14th to reserve your spot. No upfront or set price, order off menu. 719-277-6645 or email: info@hnacolorado.com for more info or reservation. Hope to see you all soon! Check our FB page for updates.hna dec

November Luncheon

Join us on Nov. 19th at 11:30 at the Edelweiss Restaurant, as health insurance specialist, Shannon Ming presents about individual healthcare options.

Shannon has a passion for helping individuals and the self employed entrepreneur. She pent several years as a personal and small business banker & now helps both individuals and the self employed discover options for affordable, comprehensive healthcare they are most likely not aware of.

Today’s Health Care System and options for health insurance is ever changing and can be quite confusing. Her job as a USHEALTH Advisor is to help people navigate through the system and get the best solution, within their budget, for themselves and their families.

You make important decisions every day. Shouldn't choosing the right insurance agent and the right insurance plan be one of them?

Her mission is to protect customers from financial hardship due to unforeseen illness or injury. Simply stated, she can help provide peace of mind in keeping the promise of financial protection afforded by insurance coverage.

Shannon looks forward to sharing her most popular program with the HNA. This program rewards healthy people with more coverage for less money than they imagined was possible.

Bring friends and business cards. Please RSVP by Nov. 17th by emailing: info@hnacolorao.com or calling 719-277-6645. And don't forget to "like" the HNA Facebook page for updates and other informative posts.


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