Season of Wellness

13690713_1034352743286790_1807880693001358676_nThe Holistic Networkers Association Announces Official Launch of
the Season of Wellness

The Holistic Networkers Association
The Holistic Networkers Association was formed in 1995 to promote the holistic & spiritual link between our businesses and the Colorado Springs Community by providing support for other holistic-minded individuals, providing education to the community regarding the holistic approach to life, and providing a social environment to connect with like-minded people.  Today, professionals of all areas participate in order to educate the community with a shared desire to serve the "Whole" of our clients, to promote our personal growth and to uplift the entire community.

To celebrate our mission of bringing the holistic health and business communities together the Holistic Networkers Association is proud to co-present The Season of Wellness. 

The Season of Wellness will begin with a Launch Party on Thursday, August 25th from 6 pm - 9:00 pm.  This community celebration will be at the Aspenpointe Café at 1675 Garden of the Gods Blvd. (inside of the county building).  Parking is free.  Admission is free as well.

This event will allowing attendees to experience health in fun ways that spotlight healing, healthy lifestyle, food, business support and community.   Through interactions with The Holistic Networkers Association (HNA), and our partners , Terra Essentials – The Health Directory of the Pikes Peak Region, Pikes Peak Herb Fest and the Green Cities Coalition plus our special guests and vendors - the community will find themselves walking into many representations of the of healthy living.   Healthy Living has never been this social, this easy to access or this much fun.  This is not our first time sponsoring a wellness fair, we have many years of presenting such events as an expression of our vision of a healthy community.

The Holistic Networkers Association partner, sponsor and vendor areas:

Experience Health and Healing:
·   Support group registration and Information

·  Meet local health and wellness Practitioners

Experience Healthy Living
·  Herbal knowledge and other booths designed to support our urban farming community.

·    Sustainability presentations by Green Cities Coalition and others.

Experience Healthy Eating
·    Delicious local and organic Food

Business Support
·   Terra Essentials Membership Opportunities

·    The Holistic Networkers Association

·    Peak Herb Fest Preview

·     A "green" social hour of networking with the wellness,  and herbal communities.

·   A short program sharing the Terra Essentials Vision for the community with partner contributions from the Holistic Networkers Association, Peak Herb Fest, and Green Cities Coalition .

More about the Season of Wellness:
The season of wellness is a time of celebrating wellness for all of the citizens of our region with  an emphasis on alternative and holistic modalities through special events including workshops, socials, networking events, festivals and an awards event.  The Season of Wellness Events will bring alternative health practitioners and  people seeking wellness together.  The health of any community is directly proportional to the health of each individual citizen.  If we make finding healthcare practitioners more accessible, then we provide an avenue to improving the health of our friends, family, and community.

The Season of Wellness seeks to create an environment supporting wellness and sustainability, also working in conjunction with trainers, farmers, and environmentalists as well as artisans, musicians, authors and business professionals who can inspire the populace to connect to one another in a spirit of cooperation. "As a organization that brings communities together, we are delighted to present the Season of Wellness ," says longtime Chiropractor and HNA supporter, Bonnie May, "We look forward to doing all that we can to bring health in all of its forms to our region."   The Season of Wellness Launch will also give attendees the chance to find out about the other season of wellness events including the Champions of Wellness event in early 2017.

The Holistic Networkers Association will be on hand to answer questions about:

·  What the HNA is doing in the community.

·  Support local Farmers/Artisans/Crafters

·  Our commitment to use organic and/or natural products (rather than man-made) products

· How we express our belief in the “balance” between the natural and scientific world

· How we support sustainability and do what’s in Earth’s best interest (recycle, reuse, walk/bike/carpool when possible)

·  How you can volunteer your talents to those in need.


More on our partners:
Pikes Peak Herb Fest
Pikes Peak Herb Fest celebrates community, wellness, natural living, holistic self care, herbal cooking and natural herbal remedies.  Pikes Peak Herb Fest joyfully promotes the use herbal knowledge and the community.  The vision of the festival is to create a place where folks can come and meet other like minded people; where vendors can showcase their local food, plants, and be viable and sought after resources for our community.  For 14 years Herb Fest has been  a place to come and enjoy, learn something new, get a jumpstart on spring for your garden, and share with your family and friends.

Green Cities Coalition Mission
The purpose of the Green Cities Coalition is to promote ecologically, economically and socially healthy cities in El Paso County, for the benefit of present and future residents of the Pikes Peak region. We envision healthy, equitable and sustainable communities, both human and natural.

More than 450 organizations, businesses and individuals have participated with our coalition, developing initiatives in many areas that impact the sustainability of the region. Our 2016 Champions are Blue Planet Earthscapes, Cascade Escapes, Common Cause Catering, Downtown Fine Spirits & Wines, Jan-Pro Cleaning Systems, Old Town Bike Shop, Pikes Peak Justice & Peace Commission and Seeds Community Café.   

Terra Essentials - Building a Healthy Community
Terra Essentials, the official voice of the Wellness and Alternative Health communities in the Pikes Peak Region  (Colorado Springs, Manitou Springs, Monument and Woodland Park).  The online and print directory is dedicated to making information available on holistic health care to enable educated alternative choices.  Terra Essentials – Your Guide to a Healthy Community has been in print six years with a clear focus on building a healthy and sustainable community.     In addition, information will be available about inclusion in the Terra Essentials Directory –2017.  They will share with your about the distribution of the directory, it's history and their vision for a healthy community.

For Interviews or more information call Holistic Networkers Association at   719.277.6645

July HNA Lunch

Join the HNA and guest speaker,  Barbara Kajan Scott for an enlightening presentation about the Power of Focus. The lunch will be the Edelweiss Restaurant located at 34 E. Ramona Ave. and start at 11:30am. There is not set fee for the lunch - order off menu. Barabara will walk us through a focusing process that will assist you in practicing your thoughts into a better feeling place and therefore improve your point of attraction.  It will help you to align with what’s important for you and move you into a state of “allowing” your personal alignment with whatever it is you are wanting to create.

The Power of Focus is based on Based on the Art of Allowing your Personal Alignment & Fulfillment through the Power of Your Thoughts and the Science of Deliberate Creation.

Your Focus determines what you feel and it also determines the direction of your Life… you literally move towards “what you focus on” and inevitably WHAT you focus on, you tend to achieve!
Your attention to it draws it to you! Remember, YOU get to choose what is “true” for you.  There are many things that are true that you DO desire and there are many things that are true that you DO NOT desire.  The encouragement here, is to give your attention to the things that you DO desire and then make those wonderful things
the TRUTH of your Life experience.

About our speaker: Barbara is a New Thought Coach, Conscious Living Mentor, Spiritual Coach, owner of the Reiki Center for Natural Healing, and affiliate member of the Emerson New Thought Center’s “church without walls” program.  She guides clients to heal and enrich their Bodies and Lives, recognizing that each is a creator and marvel of creation, here to live a life of passionate fulfillment. She shines a spotlight on the powerful Energy of Mindful Focus, how to achieve effective emotional confidence through your personal inborn Guidance System, promoting physical Life empowerment and genuine spiritual awareness. Go to: for more info on Barbara and her work.

Please feel free to bring guests, business cards and network. RSVP by 7/19 by phone: 719-277-6645 or by email: And make sure you "like" our FB Page for updates and more HNA member information.

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June Evening Event

Join us Thursday, June 16th at 5:30pm at the Cheyenne Executive Office building (where Dr. Bonnie May's office is also located) 108 E Cheyenne Rd, Colorado Springs, CO 80906; for an evening event. Please note that there will be food & drinks -  event will be catered by Robin Robin McPeek - so it will be $5 at the door. Guest speaker: Life coach Tamara Herl. She will talk about "Seeing Outside the Box – Using your visionary thinking to market yourself & strengthen your business presence. "
This presentation is for you if you find yourself:
• Not getting the results you want
• Avoiding doing the things that will help your business
• Having to push through to get things done
Tamara will help you discover how to view your challenges as a springboard to greater success and generate ideas for actions that will help you take your business to the next level.
Bring friends, network.

About Tamara
Life Coach, Counselor, and  Art Therapist, Tamara helps people “play bigger” so they can help themselves and society transform what’s not working. With a gentle manner and deep Wisdom, Tamara facilitates 1:1 and group coaching, and experiential retreats. Tamara’s passion for spiritual growth, conscious living, and environmental awareness has resulted in presentations throughout the US and several published articles related to these topics.

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HNA May Lunch

Come meet, eat and take a seat to hear Joy Heartsong’s stories, myths and facts about the quality of health care in the U.S.
Our medical system is broken. People are dying every day from medical errors. Prescription drugs are the fourth leading cause of death in the U.S. What if there is a better way for us to be healthy than by using costly prescription drugs and surgery? Join us so you can find out more...

The May Lunch will be on Thursday, May 19th from 11:30-1pm. Order off the menu. Bring business cards and friends that you think would benefit from her talk.

Guest speaker, Joy Heartsong lived through a health care nightmare by taking charge of her health and listening to her body. “The doctor even told me I’d never get well,” Heartsong says. Part of her journey spans from working as a teacher and school administrator to being a healing touch practitioner, energy intuitive and author.
Joy will sign your personalized copy of her new book Is Medicine Killing You?

Discover Complementary Alternatives for Better Health and Wellness. Joy’s other books include Awakening the Tiger With: 9 Paths to Healing and Empowerment and The Tale of Purple Piper, her delightful children’s book for ages 3-8.

Like the HNA FB page to keep in the loop about our happenings and be part of the invite reminders. Please RSVP by May 17 to reserve a seat.  (719) 277-6645 or email: 1

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